The Tactical Skills Section develops and delivers an intense and challenging training curriculum that provides public safety officers with the critical skills necessary to conduct individual daily operations as well as tense and rapidly evolving high risk tactical team events.

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Out-of-state officers should contact OPOTA for more information.

. Physical. As a result, the NTOA offers various contemporary learning experiences for everyone.

This 40 hour Missouri POST certified course teaches basic Marksman/Observer (Sniper) skills. Once on the team, these agents do difficult and dangerous work.

Discipline-specific standards are listed with each course of fire.

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SWAT 2. Given the nature of the work, most if not all police agencies require at least two to three years of experience as a police officer before you’re eligible to apply for SWAT.

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Handgun Qualifications Course Qualification Course of Fire Course Requirements.

The SRT Course focuses on close combat marksmanship, breaching.

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The FBI National Academy is a professional course of study for U. The remainder of the course uses a mixture classroom and practical instruction to develop advanced techniques for. This course is basic precision shooting training designed primarily for patrol, but equally applicable to SWAT or other Specialized Units such a Fugitive Task Force or Drug Task Force, allowing officers to acquire accuracy for precision shots or proactive observations during critical incidents. Tuition: $ 625. indeed. 4 years.


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Briefly, it consisted of a timed run across a 250-m distance, designed to simulate a foot pursuit that involves a 25-m sprint, climbing into a 2-m.


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Participants must complete a series of tests that demonstrate their ability to meet the minimum requirements of the course.

The distribution of those 50 rounds is also weighted more towards the 5 to 7-yard strings of.